Packing: The Key to Improving the Pharmaceutical Production Efficiency

In the pharmaceutical industry, packed columns consisting of column internals and packing are commonly used in mass transfer processes such as distillation, absorption, and extraction. Packing with various structures can increase the reaction surface area and improve reaction efficiency. They are used in multiple stages and processes of drug extraction and separation, drug purification, wastewater treatment, etc. Therefore, packed columns have extensive applications in the pharmaceutical industry and have made significant contributions to its development.

Application Examples of Packing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Packing plays a critical role in pharmaceutical preparation, mainly involved in drug production, separation and purification processes. For example, in the purification of vitamin E, the molecular distillation method used in its extraction involves complex equipment and technical difficulties at an industrial scale. Typically, this method is suitable for small-batch production in laboratory-scale operations. However, wire mesh structured packing with its high efficiency and low pressure drop characteristics, allows vitamin E to be refined in a packed column through ordinary distillation, thus achieving the purification of vitamin E.

A picture of absorption and cooling columns in the pharmaceutical industry
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