Liquid Collector & Redistributor: A Efficient Tool for Liquid Redistribution

To improve mass transfer efficiency in a packed column with multiple layers of packing, liquid collectors and redistributors need to be installed between each packing layer.

When liquid flows downward along the packing layer, there is a tendency to flow towards the column wall, resulting in an increase in the wall flow effect and affecting the uniformity of gas-liquid distribution within the packing layer, thus leading to decreased mass transfer efficiency. The purpose of installing liquid collectors and redistributors is to collect the liquid flowing down from the upper packing layer, to provide a uniform liquid distribution for the lower packing layer, and to offer channels for the rising gas to be distributed evenly.

Liquid collector & distributor with orifice risers
  • Material
    • Metal: stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L), Monel, titanium, carbon steel.
    • Plastic: PP, RPP, PPH, PE, PTFE, PVDF, PVC, CPVC.
    • Notes: Other materials are available upon request.
  • Category
  • Size (inch/mm): Can be customized.
  • Liquid Collector
  • Liquid Collector & Redistributor
Liquid Collector
Liquid collector with vanes tilted at a certain angle

Single Direction Vane Liquid Collector

It is a versatile liquid collector usually placed below the packing layer to collect all of the liquid. The resistance of the vane liquid collector is negligible and does not affect the uniformity of gas distribution.

Pan liquid collector with gas risers and fluid baffle

Gas Riser Liquid Collector

Its structure is the same as the riser type liquid distributor, except that the upper end of the riser should be equipped with a fluid baffle to prevent the liquid from falling from the riser. Its resistance is larger than that of the vane type, but the uniformity of gas distribution is better.


  • Shorten liquid residence time and prevent local liquid retention.
  • Promote uniform gas distribution and low gas resistance.
  • High strength and excellent resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.
Liquid Collector & Redistributor
Liquid collector & redistributor consists of a vane liquid collector and a liquid distributor

Combined Liquid Collector & Distributor

A liquid collector and a conventional liquid distributor are combined to form a liquid collector and redistributor. It comes in a variety of forms such as the combination of a baffle liquid collector and a trough liquid distributor.

Liquid collector & distributor with rectangular rises and baffles

Deck Liquid Collector & Distributor

The gas phase enters the upper packing layer through a gas riser, while the liquid flowing down from the upper layer of packing is collected completely. Subsequently, the collected liquid is distributed into the lower layer of packing through base orifices. It is generally suitable for large-scale columns.

Pan liquid collector & distributor with baffles and round gas risers

Pan Liquid Collector & Distributor

Similar to the principle of deck liquid collector and redistributor, the gas phase enters the upper layer of packing through a gas riser, while the flowing liquid is completely collected and then uniformly distributed through orifices or drip tubes.

Rose-shaped wall wiper liquid collector & redistributor

Wall Wiper Liquid Collector & Distributor

For small-diameter columns, it plays a crucial role in collecting wall flow liquid and directing it to the lower layer of packing. It can be divided into truncated cone wall wiper liquid redistributor and rose-shaped liquid redistributor.


  • Uniform liquid distribution, and a certain distribution point density.
  • High operating elasticity and large gas flow area.
  • Small gas resistance and lower operating pressure.

It can be used in packed columns of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industrial sectors in runoff, absorption, resolution, washing and other processes under atmospheric pressure, reduced pressure and pressurization conditions.