Column Internals & Packing: Key Elements in the Chemical Industry

From the perspective of a chemical engineer, the chemical industry involves using chemical reactions and refining methods to produce various solid, liquid, and gaseous materials. In the chemical industry, column internals and packing are widely used in various reactors, absorption columns, separation columns, pickling columns, etc. However, in practical applications, column internals and packing need to be selected and optimized based on different chemical reactions and separation requirements.

Practical Applications of Column Internals & Packing In the Chemical Industry

Column internals and packing are primarily used in various processes of the separation columns for the separation of mixed isomers such as mixed nitrotoluene, mixed nitrochlorobenzene, mixed chlorotoluene, the separation of benzene/toluene, amines, alcohols, and the separation of polyoxymethylene, stearic acid, ethyl acetate, morpholine, plastic monomers, organic Intermediates, high-boiling solvents, liquid air separation, and hydrocarbon.

A picture of distillation columns taken from a distance
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