Packing Support & Fixing Device Ensures Packing Stability & Reliability

Our packing support & fixing devices consist of packing restrainer, bed limiter and packing support, and are an indispensable component of packed columns. They effectively protect the packing from wear and damage, maintain uniform distribution of packing materials under high load conditions, and ensure stable operation of packed columns. Our packing support & fixing devices are made of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, to ensure their durability and reliability. Regardless of conventional engineering projects or special applications, our packing support & fixing devices can meet your needs and provide excellent performance and long-term service life for your equipment.

Metal welded packing support plate
  • Material
    • Metal: stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 2205), Monel, titanium, carbon steel.
    • Plastic: PP, RPP, PPH, MPP, PE, PTFE, PVDF, PVC, CPVC.
    • Notes: Other materials are available upon request.
  • Category
    • Packing restrainer/bed limiter
    • Packing support device
  • Size (inch/mm): Can be customized.
  • Packing Restrainer/Bed Limiter
  • Packing Support Device
Packing Restrainer/Bed Limiter

Packing restrainer or bed limiter must be installed at the upper end of the packing layer to ensure that the packing in the packing layer does not become loose, displaced, worn or damaged, resulting in uneven gas-liquid distribution and a decrease in the porosity of the packing layer and further leading to reduced separation efficiency.

A grid-like metal packing restrainer

Packing Restrainer

It is also known as packing hold down plate, and can be freely placed on the upper end of the packing layer, and can compress the packing by its own weight. It is suitable for ceramic, graphite and other brittle random packing.

Packing bed limiter made of grid bars and metal wire mesh

Bed Limiter

It is generally in grid plate shape to prevent the loss of small packing. The bottom is reinforced with a layer of metal wire mesh. It can be fixed on the column wall, and is generally suitable for metal, plastic random packing, as well as all structured packing.


  • Prevent the packing layer from loosening during high pressure drop or load fluctuation.
  • Avoid packing layer displacement and damage.
  • Prevent porosity reduction arising from the packing layer packing damage.
  • Prevent uneven gas-liquid distribution and reduced mass transfer efficiency.
Packing Support Device

Packing support device, i.e. packing support plate, its main function is to support the packing and ensure the uniform distribution of the packing and the stable operation of the packed columns. The selection of support device depends on the column diameter, packing type and gas-liquid flow range.

Metal packing support grid is placed on the ground.

Grid Type Packing Support Plate

It is the simplest and most common packing support device, commonly used in chlor-alkali industry and sulfuric acid industry.

Multi-beam packing support plate with multiple holes is placed on the ground.

Multi-beam Packing Support Plate

Its openings provide separate channels for gases and liquids to reduce the pressure drop across the support plate.


  • Good rigidity allows high load.
  • Ensure smooth gas-liquid flow and prevent packing particles or debris from leaking out of the openings
  • Sufficient mechanical strength, high opening rate, light weight.

Packing support & fixing devices are widely used in various types of packed columns in chemical, petroleum, natural gas, and other industries. They can improve the stability and uniformity of the packing and ensure the normal operation of the tower equipment.