The Key Part of Column Internals & Packing in Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical, also known as petrochemical industry, is a chemical industry that uses petroleum and natural gas as raw materials. In the petrochemical field, column internals and packing are commonly used in various devices such as distillation columns, absorption columns, and extraction columns. They are mainly used to increase the contact surface area, enhance the mass separation efficiency, and facilitate the transfer, reaction, and separation of substances.

The Role of Column Internals & Packing In Petrochemical Field

Some common processes and applications of column internals and packing in the petrochemical industry include:

  • Distillation and fractionation. Therese processes are used in petroleum refining to separate different components in crude oil or chemicals, such as propylene oxide separation, n-alkane separation, C12~C18 fatty alcohol separation, etc.
  • Gas absorption. This process is used to separate specific components from gases. For example, hot formaldehyde gas is converted into aqueous formaldehyde solution in a formaldehyde absorption column.
  • Separation. It is used for the separation of liquid-liquid or gas-liquid phases. For example, using cascade oils to separate diisobutene, carbododecyl olefins, etc.
A picture of packed columns taken in the refinery at a sunny day
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