The Key to the Environmental Protection Industry: Efficient Column Internals & Packing

Column internals and packing are crucial in the environmental protection industry for gas-liquid separation, wastewater treatment, and exhaust gas treatment. With efficient mass transfer and heat transfer capabilities, they can the effectively remove pollutants from exhaust gases, reduce emissions, improve resource recovery rates and make contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development. As a column internals and packing supplier, Boedon can provide high-quality products to offer strong support for your environmental protection projects.

Application Examples of Column Internals & Packing in the Environmental Industry

Here are some common processes and applications of column internals and packing in the field of environmental protection:

  • Wastewater treatment. It is used in biological treatment of wastewater, such as using plastic corrugated plate packing for anaerobic biofilter treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater.
  • Resource recovery. It is used to recover useful substances or energy from exhaust gases and wastewater, such as the recovery of non-acetone in the production of tetracycline hydrochloride.
  • Sewage treatment. For example, in the case of carbon-containing ammonia recovery, new corrugated structured packing, column internals, and optimized integrated separation technology are used to solve the problem of excessive ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater discharge of the nitrogen fertilizer industry.
  • Exhaust gas purification. It is used to absorb and remove harmful gases in exhaust gas, reduce the emission of air pollutants and improve air quality, such as the absorption of HCL, H2SO4, HF and other pickling exhaust gas.
A distant shot of the plant in running and discharging treated gases
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