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Efficient column internals & packing provide best support for your projects.

Boedon: A Professional Leader in Industrial Filtration & Separation Sectors

Boedon Industech Limited has over 20 years of experience in industrial filtration and separation sectors. At Boedon, we are specialized in the production of efficient packing and precision column internals, and our service covers a wide range of fields including chemical, petroleum, environmental protection and other industries. Backed by superior quality and reliability, we provide our customers with strong technical support and we are looking forward to becoming your reliable partner.

  • 23+ Years' Experience
  • 90+ Country' Customers
  • 180+ Outstanding Staff
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Our column internals and packing products are precise and efficient, and stand out due to their excellent performance and superior material quality, which ensures the reliability and durability of projects.

Packed column and splite type round wire mesh demister pad
Packed column and tubular liquid distributor
Packed column and metal welded packing support plate
Packed column and metal structured packing
Packed column and orifice riser liquid collector and redistributor
Packed column and random packing products in different materials and structures
Packed column and capped round riser tower tray
Packed column and gas distributor with 2 rows of arc vanes

Capture entrainment at the micron level.

Ensure the initial distribution of liquids.

Support and protect packing layers.

Enhance the contact area between gas and liquid based on its special structure.

Collect and redistribute liquids and provide a channel for rising gases.

Random packing comes in a variety of types and materials, and can adapt to different working environments.

Component for gas-liquid mass and heat transfer

Make ensure the uniform distribution of gases.

Why Choose Boedon?

Sustainable innovation driving force makes us stand out in a highly competitive market.

  • Rich industry experience.

    Specialized in industrial filtration and separation sectors for over 20 years.

  • Wide range of product categories.

    Boedon offers a wide range of high quality products including gas distributors, liquid distributors, demister pads, mist eliminators, tower packing, etc.

  • Product quality assurance.

    Boedon has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification and implements strict quality control from raw material selection to production.

  • All-round service.

    We have senior technical team, rich experienced sales and after-sales team and can provide strong technical support and considerate services for our clients.

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